We love using Gravity Forms

I’d like to show my support for the Gravity Forms Plugin created by the team at RocketGenius.

I’ve tried many form plugins for WordPress and this one beats them all. It’s not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for with Gravity Forms.

Our clients love how easy it is to edit forms and view and export user entries.

As developers, we love the documentation provided for us to really extend forms behind the scenes, giving us a large degree of flexibility.

The built-in integration with Campaign Monitor & Mailchimp gives clients access to add users to their campaign lists without even asking us developers.

So if you’re looking to use a form plugin for WordPress, I highly recommend Gravity Forms. Click the below link for further information.

Gravity Forms Plugin for WordPress


GIT Basics

If you’re a web developer and you’re not using Distributed Version Control System (DVCS), you fall into two categories: 1) You are scared of change or 2) You have found something even better such as flying over the moon on a spoon.

DVCS’s allow everyone to all have their own clones/copies of the source code, and branch to their hearts content. You can commit your changes locally and then push them back to a central cloud hosted service when you feel the code is of value to others, then other users can then fetch your updates and enhance the source code.

More details on this article at: http://blog.mrpony.com.au/git-basics/

Assigning global attributes for select boxes in Silverstripe

Recently, I was working on a Silverstripe project where the client requested that they have a contact form, and based on the state/region that was chosen in a select box, an email would be sent to that regions email. Another example of this would be to send an email to a certain department such as sales, technical support, advertising, general inquiries etc.
I could have assigned the values with the contact form itself, but when the client informed me that each state did their own email campaigns, it became apparent that a newsletter sign up form would require the same email information based on state/region.

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